WANDERNESS is a celebration of travel: experiencing different cultures, making new friends, and coming home with a broader perspective.

We set out to offer scented candles that transport you to the most amazing destinations, and that give back.

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WANDERNESS was founded by me, Amanda. Hullo! I’m a returned Peace Corps volunteer, and travel is my jam. I know that an amazing trip isn’t just the experience on the ground; much of the fun is the dreaming and planning ahead of time. And often the best part is the joyful nostalgia of reliving the journey. 

I wanted to create a company that would let people enjoy the dreaming and the reminiscing about travel while at home. With scent being an immediate trigger of emotion and memory, I decided on candles. 

My love of travel went into hyperdrive in college, when a professor suggested I swap my plans to study French in Paris for a homestay in Senegal, West Africa. I lived with a Wolof family and visited Peace Corps volunteers and local NGOs. The experience completely shifted my idea of travel, and gave me perspective on my own life and culture.  

Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to travel in dozens of countries, with friends, my family, or solo. I like the whirlwind of sightseeing and adventures, but I love settling down and living like a local. I’ve lived in Morocco, Kathmandu, and London, and stayed with families in Seoul, Oaxaca, Kathmandu, Oslo, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Thailand. These days I live in the brave little state of Vermont with my partner and our two wee ones. 

I knew I wanted to build a brand that gives back. I’m excited that WANDERNESS candles generate donations to allow low-income students the chance to go abroad. Travel is a transformative experience that broadens your horizons and opens your eyes, heart, and mind. It can also be really expensive, and even the process of getting a passport can be daunting. We donate to partners who provide life-changing trips to those who might not otherwise have the opportunity.

Thank you so much for being part of the WANDERNESS journey!


WANDERNESS aims to do three things:

  1. Remind us of the joy of travel with exquisite fragrances that transport us to the world’s most amazing destinations
  2. Brighten up our days and our homes with premium, high-quality candles that are thoughtfully poured and packaged with the planet in mind
  3. Give more people the opportunity to travel, especially low-income students who identify as BIPOC


We offer candles that give back, that support local, small businesses, and that are created with the planet in mind.

Sustainability // Our candles come in containers that can be reused or recycled, that are thoughtfully packaged to protect each purchase while avoiding single-use plastics. They are sourced in the Northeast to minimize the transportation footprint of getting candles from maker to distributor. 

Sourcing // We work with expert candlemakers to craft our candles. We look for the highest quality candles, clean ingredients, the finest fragrances, and a commitment to sustainability. Our vendor partners are small businesses that are at least two of the following: social enterprise, woman-owned, Black-owned, local to the region.

Giving Back // We donate 10% of profits to organizations that give low-income students the chance to travel. Learn more about our non-profit partner, Teens of Color Abroad, here.


WANDERNESS celebrates a love of travel, designs products and packaging with the planet in mind, and expands opportunities for cross-cultural experiences. We brighten up homes and days with candles that remind us of the joy of travel. We reduce our environmental impact through reusable and recyclable vessels, minimal packaging that avoids single-use plastics, and local sourcing that reduces our carbon footprint. To give more people the transformative experience of travel, we donate 10% of profits to organizations that give low-income students (particularly students of color) the opportunity to travel abroad. 


Want to learn more, partner with us, or just say hey? Write us at hello[at]wanderness.co