5 Ways to Support My Small Business (without buying anything)

Brand Social Impact

As a new business, I'm looking to family and friends for support, but I don't want you to buy my product if awesome-smelling candles are not your jam. Here are 5 Ways You Can Support My Small Business (without buying anything):

1. Follow @wandernessco on Insta and like our posts
A bigger audience helps WANDERNESS with co-brand partners and media coverage

2. Introduce us to your network of brands, bloggers, and journalists (especially magazine writers / editors)
Suggestions are good, but actual introductions make all the difference

3. Support our non-profit partner, Teens Of Color Abroad
TOCA is an award-winning non-profit that focuses on language-learning and transformational travel experiences for students of color. Until travel can safely resume, they are helping teens get passports and running a virtual language learning and cultural exchange program, led by refugees dispersed throughout the world. They could use your donations, and please share with any corporations or foundations in your network that might be interested in supporting TOCA.

4. Spread the word and link to wanderness.co
Tell your candle-loving friends and family about us, and if you post about us on your blog, FB or LinkedIn, linking to wanderness.co may help improve our search ranking

5. Visit wanderness.co and sign up for emails
And if you decide you do want to buy a candle, use discount code TOCA to get 10% off, and to generate a 10% donation to Teens of Color Abroad.

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